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Preschool COR

The Preschool Child Observation Record (COR) is an observation-based instrument providing systematic assessment of young children's knowledge and abilities in all areas of development.

This authentic instrument can be used by any developmentally based program serving preschool children, not just programs using the HighScope Curriculum.

What Does the Preschool COR Assess?

The Preschool COR is used to assess children from the ages of 2½ to 6 years. The Infant-Toddler COR is for programs serving children between the ages of 6 weeks and 3 years. Because children develop at different rates rather than according to an exact timetable, the two instruments overlap in the age range covered. Having both instruments is especially useful for programs serving children with special needs, whose chronological and developmental ages may differ widely on one or more dimensions.

The Preschool COR is organized into six broad categories of child development. Within each category is a list of observation items. These items are based on key developmental indicators (KDIs) in each content area for the age range covered. There are six categories and 32 items on the Preschool COR and six categories and 28 items on the Infant-Toddler COR. Under each of the items are five developmental levels that describe behavior ranging from simple (1) to more complex (5).

How Does the Preschool COR Work?

The COR is an observational tool. Teachers or caregivers spend a few minutes each day writing brief notes ("anecdotes") that describe significant episodes of young children's behavior. They record their notes on printed forms or in computer files, and then classify and rate them according to the COR categories, items, and levels.

COR anecdotes, gathered on a child over time and systematically rated according to the COR framework, are the basic units of information that are complied and analyzed to provide a comprehensive portrait of each child's developmental gains and of the progress of the group as a whole. Using COR forms and software, a variety of reports may be generated from this information.

How Do I Learn More?

Explore the links above to see sample pages. Contact us by phone at 800.407.7377 or by e-mail at corteam@highscope.org.

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