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Step By Step

A Straightforward Program for Implementing the HighScope Curriculum


This first step helps you become aware of the basic elements of our curriculum.  It also gives you a better understanding of how children learn and why active learning is so important. As you explore the publications and resource materials, you'll gain knowledge about our approach to adult-child interaction. Step 1 also includes an overview of all of the elements of the HighScope Curriculum.

Step 1 Materials

  • The HighScope Preschool Curriculum (nine-book set)
  • Daily Routine DVD
  • Daily Routine Cards
  • From Message to Meaning
  • Lesson Plans for the First 30 Days, 2nd Ed.
  • Letter Links Online
  • Adult-Child Interaction DVD
  • Large Classroom Area Signs

Cost: $409.60                 Order Step 1 Now!

Step 1 Training Options*

Active Learning 1/2 Day From $100 per person
How Children Learn 1/2 Day From $100 per person
Adult-Child Interaction 1 Day From $190 per person
Getting Started With HighScope 1 Day From $190 per person



The second step focuses on the learning environment and curriculum content. It also introduces you to another cortical component of our curriculum — the process of plan-do-review. Or, put another way: planning time, work time, and recall time.

Step 2 Materials

  • Key Developmental Indicator (KDI) Chart
  • The Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environment DVD
  • Plan-Do-Review in Action DVD
  • Making the Most of Plan-Do-Review
  • Small Classroom Area Signs

Cost: $128.75                  Order Step 2 Now!

Step 2 Training Options*

Curriculum Overview 1/2 Day From $100 per person
Indoor Learning Environment 1 Day From $190 per person
Planning and Recall Time 1 Day From $190 per person
Work Time 1/2 Day From $100 per person



Here, you learn how to apply the information contained in Steps 1 and 2. This third and last step in the basic series will teach you how to create lesson plans that address children's interests and their current level of development. It also focuses on the importance of anecdotal notes and how they fit into your planning. And it includes ideas for effective small- and large-group activities.

Step 3 Materials

  • Small-Group Times to Scaffold Early Learning
  • Key Developmental Indicator (KDI) Scaffolding Charts (Cards)
  • Small-Group Times for Active Learners DVD
  • 50 Activities for Large Groups (Cards)
  • Large-Group Times for Active Learners DVD
  • Real Science in Preschool
  • "I'm Older Than You, I'm Five!" Math in the Preschool Classroom, 2nd Ed.
  • Fee, Fie, Phonemic Awareness
  • Preschool Program Quality Assessment (PQA) Starter Pak
  • Rhythmically Moving CDs 1–3

Cost: $362.40                 Order Step 3 Now!

Step 3 Training Options*

Lesson Planning 1/2 Day From $100 per person
Small-Group Time 1 Day From $190 per person
Large-Group Time 1 Day From $190 per person
Anecdotal Note Taking 1/2 Day From $100 per person
Program Quality Assessment (PQA) 1 Day From $190 per person


*All training fees assume groups of 20 or more. For groups of less than 20, please contact us for a quote.


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