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Extensions Newsletter

Curriculum Newsletter From HighScope

Extensions is our online early childhood curriculum newsletter. It is filled with timeless articles on all kinds of situations you encounter in the classroom. Each issue has several "how to" articles focusing on a single theme, with suggestions for strategies to use with the children in your care. A special education feature and a staff development activity related to the theme are included in every issue.

Download Extensions

Free subscriptions to Extensions are available by signing up, at no cost, to join our HighScope Membership Association. You will receive an e-mail link six times a year to the latest issue of Extensions. Your free membership will come with a range of benefits in addition to the Extensions subscription. These include access to an expanded library of Web Clips, our online video feature; Members Only specials and discounts; and access to back issues of Extensions online. Downloads of Extensions are free; the materials are copyrighted but you may duplicate articles in small quantities for educational purposes. Learn more about the benefits of membership!

Ready to Join?

To become a member, all you have to do is provide us with your contact information and a few additional pieces of general information. To join, register now.


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