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HighScope's Center for Early Education Evaluation

HighScope's Center for Early Education Evaluation was established in July 2012, as a part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Perry Preschool Study.

The Center was formerly known as HighScope’s Research Division, which has always assumed dual roles: (1) as an internal evaluator for HighScope, helping develop and validate curricula and assessments; and (2) as an external evaluator for states and local agencies, helping them plan for continuous improvements as they evaluate the impact of the work they do.

The transition of the Research Division to the Center for Early Education Evaluation will help clarify our role as a research institute that functions both as a part of but also independently from HighScope.

Goals and Mission

The Center for Early Education Evaluation's goals and mission include to

  • Discover and spread new knowledge about early childhood education, emphasizing knowledge consistent with HighScope’s mission of lifting lives through education.
  • Facilitate conversation among researchers and evaluators in the early childhood field.
  • Support states and provider agencies with expert advice on early childhood evaluation and policy development.
  • Raise awareness of the various services the Center provides to external agencies and expand our work as external evaluators and evaluation consultants.

To learn how your organization can work with — and benefit from — the Center for Early Education Evaluation, contact the Center directly at [email protected] or at 734.485.2000, Ext. 264.

To learn more about the Center, please see our press release.

Research Symposium at the HighScope International Conference

One of the important activities of the Center is to bring together local, regional, and national evaluators and researchers, and policymakers and stakeholders who use evaluations for decision making and advocacy. To help achieve this, CEEE has organized a special research symposium at the HighScope International Conference. The theme — Closing the Opportunity Gap: Research & Community Efforts to Promote Children's Language-Rich Environments.

The symposium includes a keynote speaker, panel discussions from invited scholars and community members whose work focuses on and informs on the theme. To learn more, see a detailed program, and register for the event, click on the link below.

2016 Research Symposium


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