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Child Assessment

How Does HighScope Assess Children's Progress?

HighScope's research-validated child assessment tools serve multiple purposes. 

They are designed to:

  • Look at meaningful educational outcomes
  • Gather information in ways that are natural and comfortable for children and adults
  • Provide accurate data that can be used for individual child planning and policy-level decision making

And, because HighScope is an advocate for sound early childhood practices in general, our assessment tools are designed for use by non-HighScope programs as well as by those that do use the HighScope Curriculum.

Benefits of Authentic Assessment

Educators assess young children to see how they are developing and to measure how the programs children attend contribute to the children's growth. 

Traditional testing (for example, a series of multiple-choice questions) is one way to measure; however, this type of test provides only limited information. It shows only how children do in the testing situation, not how they perform in real educational settings and everyday life.

Authentic assessments are more natural. They provide teachers with valuable and practical information to understand and plan for the developmental needs of their students. Because information on children's progress is gathered in the course of everyday classroom activities,  the results can immediately be put to work to strengthen the classroom program.

Explore the links to your left and see how our child assessment tools can help your program support your children's growth and development. 


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