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OnlineCOR makes teachers' and administrators' jobs easier by streamlining record keeping, report writing, and tabulation. You will save time

  • Managing anecdotes — You will be able to enter, score, and track your anecdotes online.
  • Reporting on individual children — Using information from the COR, Family Reports and Growth Profiles are automatically created for each child.
  • Planning activities — COR scores are aligned with appropriate activities designed to support and scaffold children at their current level of development. Activities from our publication, What's Next, are available online.
  • Reporting on group progress — Reports include results in mandated requirements such as COR Item T: Showing Awareness of Sounds in Words (which encompasses alliteration and phonological awareness) and other critical components of child development.

With OnlineCOR you will enjoy these new benefits:

  • Data aggregated at new levels — With OnlineCOR, you will be able to organize and report on data at seven levels: organization (including State Departments of Education), region, grantee, program, site, classroom, and child.
  • User defined fields — In addition to the standard OnlineCOR fields, you can customize and track demographic information and other details that will assist administrators to meet other reporting requirements relevant to their individual programs.
  • Report definitions — The report periods can be defined at the program level. Groups that have sites with different start dates will have more flexibility in setting their report periods.
  • Better data on children with IEP/IFSP designations — Now you can enter primary and, within the OSEP reporting system, secondary disabilities for children with IEP/IFSP.
  • Additional data for English language learners — We have added two optional items for scoring anecdotes when the child's primary language is other than English.
  • Family Report forms in Spanish — Within the Family Report, the Developmental Summary section will report in Spanish.
  • OSEP reporting fully integrated — Just like Head Start Outcomes Reports, OSEP Reports are integrated into the system using a scientifically based way to translate and align COR scores with the Office of Special Education Program (OSEP) scores and required reports. You can generate COR and OSEP reports at the child, classroom, site, program, grantee, region, and organization levels and more!

Pricing is based on the number of students you will be assessing. COR materials may be purchased separately.

For more information, please call 800.587.5639, ext. 294, or visit OnlineCOR.net.

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